Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy we have described how we collect and manage use user’s personal data, why we collect these data and when we disclose this data. At first we ensure you that the personal data those we have collected through our online conversation, are kept confidential with a tight security. Moreover, there is a no chance for data breaching. We never share your personal data with any third party organization or even with our partner also.

What type information McAfee collects

We collect some personal information such as user’s name, product’s activation code, expiry date, and registered mobile no or email id etc personal identifiable data from users directly. We collect user’s system id while they are using our products.

How we collect data

Sometimes, users provide some of their personal data directly, while getting online support or sharing your experiences about our products. We may ask for your personal data to activate our many products. Otherwise, we have to ask some personal data like bank ac no, atm card no, pin etc to proceed the online transaction. If you decline to provide these required data then you will not be able to purchase and use our products. But you never have to be worry about data leaking and breaching due to our tight security.

Why we collect data

Sometime while supporting you or troubleshooting, then your personal data like product activation code, the registered no or email id, your system’s id is needed very much to continue the online support. We collect some private information and data from the users to provide them better services in future. With your recommendation and opinion, we analyze our product’s utility and performance; also we will try to overcome the products deficiency. By using these data, we make a data base for our marketing propos, also we let you know about our latest offers, version and if any update news of your product is available.

We use data encryption method to keep your personal information private. We also restrict the private data access for our employees. So, you can rely on us that your personal data is absolutely protected.