Mcafee Antivirus Solutions can protect the multiple devices and computers of an individual through a single account. Right from mobile phones, tablets, computers, to laptops, an individual can use a single subscription to protect it all. However, before you go for, it is worth mentioning that not all of the features offered by Mcafee are supported by all of your devices. So, it is better if you check and confirm beforehand regarding the tools and features that are available for the devices used to avoid any unexpected occurrences later.

The differences in features for different OS

Before going in for Mcafee product key setup, it is important to note that this software supports all Mac, Windows, and Android devices. But the features are not the same for all of it. For the Android devices, it offers specialized features like wireless network protection, data backup, app privacy, and anti-theft of data. For the iOS devices, it offers protection from data theft and other file security options. For the Mac users, apart from the web security tools, it delivers antivirus protection and firewall.

The features regarding protection from data theft vary for the iOS and android devices. But generally, this feature includes the ability to wipe clean the stolen devices remotely or disable the necessary features. The hackers will not be able to get hold of any sensitive data. Thus, you need to Install Mcafee Setup depending on the devices that you are connecting to it and McAfee download.