McAfee Retailcard

In these modern days, the viruses, ransom wares such as many online threats have released frequently by changing their definition. So your system has to be prepared with updated antivirus software to fight against their new attack style. There are many brands of antivirus are available in the market. You should choose a strong antivirus like McAfee to give your system maximum protection against these all types of online attacks and threats.

McAfee offers you a wide range of protection against all viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans etc. it also provides personal firewall security and blocks the malicious websites and links. By analyzing these sites it also keeps it updated automatically with all of the new attack’s definitions. Moreover, McAfee retail card activation process and the use of the McAfee antivirus are comparatively easy and simple.

What is McAfee Retail Card?

McAfee retail card is a card that lets you know about the 25 digit activation code of your McAfee safety product, which you have been purchased recently. You will find these 25 alphanumeric strings are broken into five sections and have printed on this card. You must know that just download and installation of any safety product will not give you any safety; rather you have to activate your safety product or the retail card with a card or product activation code. You will buy a McAfee retail card from the nearby retail shop otherwise you can shop it online. For online purchasing, you will get this retail card along with the retail card activation key on your registered email id to activate your McAfee Retail Card and safety product. When you have purchased a McAfee retail card and product from a retail shop then you will get this card activation code is printed on the McAfee product box or retail card.  To know the status of your McAfee retail card or for activating this card you must sign in to the

Benefits of the McAfee retail Card

Usually, an antivirus or software pack comes with an installation CD. At first, your system read the CD to install the software then you activate it with the product code. Sometime you may face a lot of installation problem whether your system does not have any CD drive. It also bothers you if your system’s CD drive will not work properly. You can overcome such an installation problem while having a retail card.

When you have a retail card, then you do not need to use a CD for installing antivirus or software products. So using a retail card instead of a CD is more convenient. The McAfee Retail Card gives you this opportunity to install the latest McAfee security product on your system without having a drive for using a CD.

A retail card works as well as a software CD. The activation process is also quite similar; just you do not have to insert a CD while activating. You have to activate it by using the online portal So, you may say that the McAfee Retail Card activation process is simple, quick and more convenient also than a CD. Moreover, it will work great on those systems whose do not have inbuilt CD players or are not in well functioning or working state.

How to use a McAfee Retail Card?

Once you have purchased a McAfee Retail Card, you have to activate it with the card activation code to complete the installation process then you can take all benefits of the McAfee antivirus. For maintaining a proper online safety on your system you must do it; otherwise, the online threats and virus can easily attack or harm you.

First of all, you must have a McAfee account on McAfee official website otherwise you will not activate your McAfee products. If you do not have an account you have to create a new account. To create a McAfee account, you have to go to their official website or you may visit, where you can find ‘create new account’ option. By clicking on it, you have to enter a unique user name and password to register yourself. Here, we summarize the McAfee Retail Card activation process that you have to follow –

Visit the McAfee retail card activation page directly by clicking this URL.

Then choose your country and language from the dropdown box.

Type your activation code given on the retail card in the activation code box.

If you have an account skip the sign in process, and log in to directly to by entering your user or email id and password of your McAfee account.

Now finally you can download and install your McAfee antivirus on your system.

But while using a free trial version, you do not need a retail card, only need to have a registered account on McAfee. But when the trial period gets over then you have to purchase a new McAfee retail card to continue the safety work.

Keep in your mind about the McAfee Retail Card

The retail card along with the activation code authenticates your device as a first time user. As all of the McAfee products are featured with one-time use only. This card allows you to utilize all safety features of the McAfee products. After activating the McAfee Retail Card, you can use this card activation code for the renewal process, and to keep your McAfee safety products updated with the new viruses or online threat’s definition.

So, always keep in your mind you should keep this card and the code in some safe place. Because, if you lose it another one can activate his or her McAfee products by using your retail card activation code and you could not be able to activate your retail card due to the one-time use process.

In future, if you have some difficulty with your McAfee products, then you can easily get technical support from McAfee experts; but they may want to know your retail card no or the McAfee activation code.  

While purchasing a McAfee or any other retail card, you must check the pros and cons of the product. Also, you have to go through their retail subscription and privacy policy.